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Oriole Jelly Feeder

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Did you know that orioles have a sweet tooth? Well, they do… and what better way to attract them than by offering them their favorite sweet treat, grape jelly!
Other jelly feeders on the market expose the jelly to elements causing it to mold and spoil quickly. The Perky-Pet® Oriole Jelly Feeder has an inverted jelly jar ensuring that your jelly is kept fresh, clean and dry. The patent pending jelly stirrer inside the bottle means that only the perfect amount of jelly will be distributed at a time. Simply turn the knob on the bottom of the tray to dispense more jelly!
The purple, weatherproof bottle can hold 32 oz of grape jelly. Or, the bottle can be interchanged with most standard 32 oz jelly jars so there’s no need to scoop out the jelly to fill the jar.

Remember to clean your jelly feeder every few days to ensure that your orioles are receiving the freshest jelly supply.