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White Dutch Clover

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A popular perennial legume ground cover
White Dutch Clover can be used in low maintenance lawns, as a ground cover, or cover crop in mixtures or alone; usually matures around 8 inches and can be mowed if desired or left to grow naturally; shallow rooted and does not form a sod as do blade-type grasses; used in areas as a low-maintenance ground cover that is somewhat tolerant to slightly acidic & mildly alkaline soils; spreads rapidly & is somewhat invasive; helps control weeds but is not tolerant of broad leaf herbicides; it produces a blossom that tends to attract bees & other pollen seeking insects; tends to be cold hardy & easily established. One pound of seed covers approximately 500 sq. ft. with the best seeding time being the spring or early summer.

Available in 500g & 2kg

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