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  • Sunblaster NanoDome Mini Greenhouse

Sunblaster NanoDome Mini Greenhouse

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This greenhouse includes a double thick 1020 tray that won’t crack and break like more flimsy planting trays, and a tall humidity dome that will trap moisture and heat even when your tiny seedlings aren’t so tiny anymore. It also comes with an 18-inch T5HO lamp and NanoTech T5 Reflector—the reflector will pop easily into place between the lamp and ballast, redirecting escaping light into your planting tray.

The NanoDome, along with vents, features an H-shaped channel along the top that is designed to hold your T5HO lamp and reflector, eliminating the need for a hanger or mount. The H design will allow you to use one lamp with your greenhouse or put multiple NanoDome greenhouses together and turn your light(s) so that it fits into a channel on both greenhouses.

* This item is extremely fragile and there is no guaranteed 100% safe way to ship it. Items are shipped at the customers own risk *

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