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North American Wildflower Mix

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A mix of Annuals, Biennials, and Perennials as listed below:

Common Name

Type Color
Dwarf Cornflower A Mix
Deerhorn Clarkia A Pink/White
Clarkia A Pink/Lavender
Plains Coreopsis A Yellow/Maroon
California Poppy P Yellow/Orange
Gaillardia P Yellow/Red
Gaillardia A Yellow/Red
Globe Gilla A Blue
Candytuft A White/Pink/Violet
Blue Flax P Blue
Lupine P Blue
Prairie Aster B Violet
Dwarf Evening Primrose P Yellow
Pale Evening Primrose P White
Corn Poppy A White/Pink/Red
Palmer Penstemon P Pink
Penstemon P Blue
Prairie Coneflower B/P Yellow/Red
Greenthread A Yellow
Showy Goldeneye P Yellow

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