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  • Dogit CorkScrew Tie Out Stake

Dogit CorkScrew Tie Out Stake

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  • $10.99

Directions: Select and area that is free from obstructions that may rub,tangle, or kink tie-out cable or chain. Screw corkscrew tie-out stake into firm ground and attach cable or chain snap to the rotating swivel ring. Ensure that the stake is planted into firm ground which fully supports the pulling strength of your dog. Attach the other snap to your dogs collar. Always leave water within reach. Do not leave your pet unattended for long periods of time.

  • Easy to twist into the ground
  • rotating swivel to prevent tangling
  • This cork-screw tie-out stake is a chrome plated stake.
  • Available in large size.
  • Measures 18-inch length, 1/3-inch width.



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