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  • Konk 409D Flying Insect Killer

Konk 409D Flying Insect Killer

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Active Ingredient: Pyrethrin 0.975%

Product Description

Konk 409 Flying Insect Killer:

– Konk 409 contains 0.975% Pyrethrin for rapid knock down & kill

– The continuous use of the Konk 409 will reduce flying insect populations (flies gnats and mosquitoes) within a few hours

– One can protects a room up to 170 cu. m. for up to 30 days. A typical room size for 107 cu. m. or 6000 cu. ft. is 3m x 7m x 8m or 23 x 25 x 10

Use in the KONK BVT automatic dispenser, Fast, Effective Control of Flies, Gnats and Mosquitoes for low to moderate infestations

Use Areas include: Restaurants, Food Plants, Hospitals, Food Service Establishments, Lodges, Resorts, Dairies, Horse Stables, Cow Barns and Poultry Houses.


 *This product is an aerosol, therefore it cannot be shipped by Canada Post*

dangerous goods shipping applies*