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Royal Canin Oral Sensitive

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For oral hygiene of cats 1 to 10 years old. 2 out of 3 cats suffer from oral problems that can lead to bad breath. Daily brushing is the best way to combat dental plaque and tartar buildup, and feeding the right diet can help promote good oral hygiene.

Tartar and Plaque Reduction
40% reduction in tartar formation after 28 days of exclusive use of ORAL SENSITIVE 30™*†
ORAL SENSITIVE 30™ formula contains sodium tripolyphosphate, an active anti-tartar agent that traps calcium in a cat's saliva to reduce tartar up to 40%*. The kibble shape, size and texture simulate a brushing action on the teeth that helps to reduce plaque in 28 days.


Regurgitation happens when cats eat their food too quickly. ORAL SENSITIVE 30™ formula's larger and uniquely shaped kibbles are designed to encourage a cat to eat slower and chew his food. Once swallowed, the kibble is engineered to break down faster in order to limit regurgitation and vomiting.

Cats are meticulous about grooming, but the hair that they swallow can lead to hairballs. ORAL SENSITIVE 30™ formula includes psyllium, fiber from peas, dried beet pulp and powerful micronized cellulose fibers that work with lubricating anchovy oil to move the hair that a cat swallows through his digestive system, thereby regulating hairballs.

Available in 6lb & 15lb.

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