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Royal Canin Small Adult

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For dogs for 10 months to 8 years; dogs between 9 & 22 lbs.  MINI Adult's specialized kibble is tailored in shape, size, texture and density for the small dog's jaw to promote chewing. Calcium chelating sodium tripolyphosphate is included to help promote optimal oral hygiene by limiting tartar formation.

Maintains Ideal Weight - Excess weight can contribute to a number of health problems in small dogs. MINI Adult™ is formulated with a moderate fat (14%) and energy (3758 kcal/kg) content, along with fat-burning L-carnitine to help promote an optimal weight.

Enhanced Palatability - Small dogs can be very fussy when it comes to their food. MINI Adult™ is formulated with an exclusive combination of natural flavours and aromas, combined with a specially designed kibble to help satisfy the fussy appetite of the small dog.

Coat Condition - A small dog's skin and coat are a reflection of their overall state of health. MINI Adult™ is formulated with anti-inflammatory omega 3s (EPA and DHA), vitamin A, biotin, and highly digestible protein to help support a healthy skin and coat.

Available in 4.4lb & 14lb

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