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Royal Canin Small Puppy

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For puppies up to 10 months.  MINI Puppy's specialized kibble is tailored in shape, size, texture and density for the small dog's jaw to promote chewing. Calcium chelating sodium tripolyphosphate is included to help promote optimal oral hygiene by limiting tartar formation.

Digestive Health - Small dogs are sensitive to digestive issues. MINI Puppy helps support improved digestive health through prebiotic fibers (MOS and FOS*), and an optimal fiber balance to help promote a healthy beneficial gut microflora population. Low Indigestible Proteins (LIPs) also help contribute to an optimal stool quality.

Intensified Energy Content - Small breed puppies undergo a short, but intense growth period which requires targeted nutritional support. MINI Puppy is formulated with a high energy content (3912 kcal/kg) to help support the small breed puppy's needs during growth.

Natural Defenses - During the critical growth phase, the puppy's immune system is vulnerable. MINI Puppy is formulated with a specialized complex of antioxidants, including vitamins E and C, lutein, and taurine, which help to neutralize free radicals and support the development of the puppy's immune defenses.

Available in 2.5lb & 14lb bags

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