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  • Round Up RTU 5L

Round Up RTU 5L

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*This product can be shipped to SASKATCHEWAN residents only!*

Kills to the root™Controls unwanted weeds and grass on hard surfaces and landscapes. Ideal for large affected areas. Results in 24 hours. Ready-to-use battery powered applicator - up to 5 minutes of continuous spray. Rain resistant. Delivery system: Liquid. Apply to vigorously growing plants, apply to annual weeds anytime after emergence, for perennial weeds apply after seed heads flower or berries appear. Lawn type band: North and South. Longevity: 7-10 days. Package size: 169.07-oz. Visible results: 48 hours. What does it kill: Quackgrass, chickweed, ragweed, knotweed, poison ivy, Canada thistle, milkweed, bindweed. Where to use: Hard to mow areas around buildings, lawn trimming/edging, patio weed control, vacant lots, storage and recreational areas, driveways.


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*This product is a liquid, therefore it cannot be shipped by Canada Post*