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Back on Track Elbow Brace

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Our Elbow Brace has proven to be particularly effective for those suffering from mouse arm/carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow syndrome. The ceramic fabric has pronounced and highly positive effects against inflammatory pain, which these complaints are a result of.

It is advisable to choose a tightly fitted brace over a larger size for the treatment of mouse arm, as pressure on the sensitive area is beneficial for mouse arm conditions. It is well worth trying the elbow brace even if you suffer from more chronic complaints, for example after treating a condition with cortisone injections.

23 - 25 cm
26 - 29 cm
30 - 32 cm
33 - 36 cm
37 - 41 cm

Size: Elastic
Circumference: Description of column 0: 'Mesure 8 cm above the bend of the arm' for Elbow Brace.
Fabric is manufactured in China and consists of 100% polypropylene (with ceramic powder) or 50% polyester (with ceramic powder) and 50% cotton. Washed at a maximum of 40 degrees with gentle washing program.