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  • Agri-Blok 10:6 Sheep

Agri-Blok 10:6 Sheep

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25kg, 4 Cell Mineral Block. Easy intake - Mollasified

Agri-Blend's blocks provide the essential protein, mineral and vitamin supplements to raise healthier sheep and goats, and protect your livestock investment. Manufactured with a unique process, has distinct features from traditional blocks in colour, texture, hardness, palatability, and intake.

• Formulated for optimum nutritional requirements reducing fillers to a minimum.
• Molasses-based AGRI-BLOK™ minerals are very palatable and provide a reasonably good control on intake.
• Increases efficiency of low quality forages, encourages forage intake, and balances the nutrition of forage for increased productivity.
• Extends your pasture use by better management using AGRI-BLOKS™ to relocate stock for more even grazing and when pastures are poor or heat stressed.
• Provides conditioning for sheep promoting easier lambing, healthier offspring and faster cycling.
• Incorporates well into feedlot or overwintering feeding programs. 
• Convenient, easy to handle, and self-feeding.
• Economical to use since there is no waste in rain, snow, or wind, as may result in other traditional supplements.
• Weather-resistant.