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Wet Nurse - Calf Milk Replacer

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PMT's Wet Nurse™ milk replacers are crafted to insure young animals get a good start in life. Every Wet Nurse™ milk replacer is a blend of premium ingredients formulated under strict quality control to provide the optimal balance of proteins and amino acids, complex carbohydrates micronized fats, vitamins and minerals.

Young animals fed Wet Nurse™ milk replacers achieve maximum weight gain and avoid any nutrition related problems. This means healthier animals, less mortality and more profit to the producer.

20-20-20 Green Tag now containing Essential Lipids 4 Life - A premium quality all (100%) milk protein high fat milk replacer designed to be fed after 3 days of age to calves in cool environments, calves destined for red veal production or calves requiring rapid growth and fleshing. This milk replacer contains 20% protein and 20% fat. 10kg & 20kg.

22-10-10 Yellow Tag - A good quality product containing 45% of protein from milk sources and is designed to be fed from 3 to 21 days of age along with 2000ml of whole milk/calf/day. This is a stand alone product after 3 weeks of age where acceptable growth of replacement calves is desired. This milk replacer contains 22% protein and 10% fat. 10kg & 20kg.