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Fight Pond Scum, Naturally! Uses naturally occurring components to sequester nutrients essential for algae growth. Helps control unpleasant odors and reduce other non-rooted bio-masses. Won't affect other aquatic life. Improves water clarity.

Bactri-pond consists of multiple environmentally friendly live microbial strains blended with enzymes and a naturally occurring, biodegradable chemical buffering agent. This combination has been specifically formulated to entrap dissolved nutrients that are associated with the growth of problematic algae.

500g - 50 Soluble Packs (10g/each)
Initial Priming- 2 soluble packs/24,000L once a week for 2 weeks. Maintenance: 1 soluble pack/24,000L bi-weekly. 

5kg - 200 soluble packs.
1pk covers 60,000L
Initial Priming: 40 soluble packs/1 acre foot (207ft  X 207ft X 1ft deep) (325,000 US gallons). Maintenance: 20 soluble packs per acre foot Bi-weekly