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  • Bug-X OUT (Ambush®) Tree & Garden Insect Killer

Bug-X OUT (Ambush®) Tree & Garden Insect Killer

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*This product can be shipped to SASKATCHEWAN residents only!*

  • Contains permethrin, for fast-acting, quick knock-down of many insects
  • Very safe to use, low mammal toxicity (same toxicity as table salt)
  • Rapidly degraded in soil, prevents movement in soil, no long term environmental hazard
  • Ideal for spruce budworm, gypsy moth, tent caterpillars, spiders, potato beetles, corn borers, apple maggot and many more
  • Product has residual and repellent activity which prevents insects from re-infesting treated areas
  • Guarantee: permethrin 12.5 g/L

Use up to 1 day before harvest on several crops (see label).

Mixing rate is 7ml/Litre water

Available in 250ml & 500ml

250ml size 

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*This product is a liquid, therefore it cannot be shipped by Canada Post*