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Lime Sulphur

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Green Earth Lime Sulphur

  • Insecticide and fungicide control for both dormant and growing season.
  • Controls over-wintering disease spores, insect eggs and scale insects on fruit trees, ornamentals and shrubs.
  • Use as a summer spray for diseases on fruit trees, roses and listed ornamentals and shrubs.
  • Mix with Green Earth® Horicultural Oil for a combination dormant spray.
  • Select-a-SprayTM: dormant No60: growing apple, pear. No15: roses No2
  • Kills over-wintering insects, insect eggs and diseases on fruit trees, roses and ornamentals
  • Use in early spring before buds open
  • Effective for the control of scale insects

Guarantee: Calcium polysulphide (Sulphide Sulphur) - 23%

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Available in a 1L

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