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  • BTK Biological Insecticide

BTK Biological Insecticide

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*This product can be shipped to SASKATCHEWAN residents only!*

Safer's biological insecticide. Effectively kills all types of caterpillars including cabbage worm, tomato hornworm, tent caterpillars, gypsy moth and others. Treat caterpillars when they are young to obtain best results. BTK is a stomach poison and therefore must be ingested by the caterpillar to be effective. After ingestion, caterpillar feeding stops immediately and death will follow in 2-5 days.

A highly concentrated formulation in a 100 ml package that makes over 30 litres of spray solution, enough to cover 300 sq. metres. Ideal for vegetables, fruit and shade trees, ornamentals and evergreens. 100ml bottle.

*This product is a liquid, therefore it cannot be shipped by Canada Post*


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