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Kalf Kozies

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– Save time and money during calving season
– Keep your calves healthier and happier
– Make more money at sale time

 Ranchers know that with cows calving in temperatures down to -45C, ear protection is absolutely necessary. Ensuring the comfort and protection of the calf’s tender, damp ears is a top priority. For livestock owners in mild, windy, damp climates, the weather can be just as cruel on the tender ears as the colder climates can be. While the comfort and well being of the calf is our top priority, frozen ears can cause a loss of 10-15 cents per pound at sale time. While that may sound minimal, a realistic look at actual costs associated with calves getting frozen ears shows a significant loss! With an average loss of 10-15 cents per pound on the sale stand, 50 calves with a loss of $80 a calf quickly turns into $4,000 of losses. Until now, there hasn’t been a dependable, cost-effective solution to this common problem.

Enter the Kalf Kozie!

Designed by Georg and Sarah Weitzel
of Crystal Springs Ranch in Northern BC, Canada, Kalf Kozies have undergone rigorous real-world testing on their own calves. With their calving season lasting from January to March, there is ample opportunity to save their own calves’ ears from freezing in the cold.

Made to be comfortable for the calf while keeping their head and ears warm and dry, the Kalf Kozie covers all the important needs and wants that could be imagined in a top-quality calf hat!

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