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The perfect garden salad, with fresh vegetables grown 100% by you! Here are 10 packages of our favorite vegetables perfect for making a fresh salad.

Lettuce Romaine – the base of many fresh garden salads. The long-cupped leaves are medium green, thick and crisp. The flavour is sweet & mild. Fast growing. 1000 seeds

Radish Easter Egg – Easy and fast-growing blend, that is colourful & delicious. A blend of white, pink and tones of red & purple. A colourful addition to salads! 125 seeds

Snow Peas- One of the most popular home garden vegetables, best grown in cool weather. Great fresh, or frozen. 70 seeds

California Wonder Pepper – Large blocky bell peppers that can be harvested when green or red. Flavour is sweet and mild, with a crisp texture. Great raw in salads or with dip, or great fried & stuffed! 80 seeds

Sweet Million Tomato – Produce perfect golf-ball sized fruits perfect for snacking & salads. 10 seeds

Dill – easy to grow, and used in a number of salads, dips, vinegars and cooking meats, seasoning vegetables, pickling.. the uses are endless! 70 days

Mesclun Salad Mix – This special mild flavoured blend of lettuce & greens is a complete salad in one package. Successive planting allows for continual harvest all year long. 500 seeds

Perennial Bunching Onion – A popular, easy to grow onion, produces delicately flavored slender stems and juicy green tops. Adds flavour to salads, dips and appetizers. 200 seeds

Cucumber Marketmore – One of the finest varieties for slicing, and a great snack + salad topper 100 seeds

Black Krim Tomato – These luscious tomatoes are heavy producers. This dark reddish-purple beefsteak variety, has a great taste. Great on salads, for juice, canning and cooking. Stakes for growing required. 10 seeds



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