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The Benefits of Soil Booster & Soil Booster Plus Include.

    - Builds a stronger root system by increasing root respiration and root formation.
    - Great source of energy for beneficial soil organisms, which influence both soil fertility and plant health.
    - When added directly to the soil it can improve both the soil quality and the plants ability to grow.
    - Soil Booster Plus helps prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.
    - It helps to accelerate microbial activity and soil quality.
    -​ Prevent water and nutrient losses in light and sandy soil.
    - Improves aeration of soil and increases water retention in heavy and compact soils.
    - Assists greatly in decomposition of crop residue.
    - Increases phosphorus availability.
    - Suppresses phtonamatodes ( Worms that infect plants ) and other plant pests.
    - Promotes soil/plant symbiotic bacteria.
    - Stimulates mycorrhization in plants ( fungus root development that allows for better usage of phosphorus )
    - Soil Booster can improve root growth and  development as well as total leaf area.
    - Improved Chlorophyll content.    Improved Nutrient Uptake.   Improved Plant Quality.      Increased crop yields
    - Improved soil structure.   
    - Improved water retention.            
    - Differing soil PH.            
    - Increased root growth