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  • Grodan Delta 3x3x2.5"

Grodan Delta 3x3x2.5"

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  • 8 blockers per strip, each block is 3x3x2.5"
  • no holes 

Soak in pH 5.5 for 30 minutes. Flush using half strength plant food and drain to waste. Plug plant into the GRO-BLOCK. Do NOT water for the first 2-4 days, but do not let the block go bone dry. Mist once per day to keep the top moist. When active new growth is seen, water and feed as needed. Minimize watering while plant is rooting in to force the plant to grow out roots in search of water. Transplant when multiple roots appear on the bottom. When transplanting to a container GRO-SLAB or larger GRO-BLOCK, always pre-soak using the same level of plant food as currently being used on the young plant. If using strong light, top water frequently with tiny (3-6oz) amounts of water. This will help perpetuate an active growing cycle for the plant.