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  • Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable And Herb Mix (28.3L)

Pro-Mix Organic Vegetable And Herb Mix (28.3L)

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PREMIER® PRO-MIX® Ultimate Organic Vegetable Mix is the ultimate peat/compost-based growing mix specially formulated for growing organic vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It is enhanced with Mycorise®. The Ultimate Organic Mix is 100% organically formulated and is approved by OMRI. The Mycorise works naturally to enlarge the plants roots, which allow the plant to take-in more of the essential nutrients needed for growing stronger and healthier. The Sea-based compost is derived from shrimp by-products, seaweed, and/or softwood bark. This mixture works as a slow-release fertilizer, gradually feeding plants. 

Available in 28.3L & 2 cu. ft. bale

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