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The Sunshine Professional Mix family now includes natural and organic versions of our popular Sunshine Mixes. The new mixes are formulated with an organic fertilizer and dolomite lime which meet OMRI requirements in organic production. Developed in response to customer requests, these mixes are formulated to help the professional organic grower cultivate strong, healthy crops. Listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in production of organic food and fiber, the OMRI Logo assures our product's compliance to OMRI's comprehensive product review process. Organic certifying organizations recognize the value of OMRI-listed products during their certification process.

Sunshine Mixes Available 3.8 cu.ft. bale:

Mix #1: is a general use mix and is, by far, the most versatile formulation expert growers choose for the production of a wide variety of crops. It contains Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, major and minor nutrients, wetting agent and dolomitic lime. 

Mix #4: is recommended for situations which require higher air capacity and faster drainage such as: during the winter months, year round with highly water sensitive crops, for general propagation & when frequent leaching is required, for instance when using high salt content water. Mix No. 4 contains Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, major & minor nutrients, wetting agent and dolomitic lime. This mix is appropriate for a variety of commercial uses.
Available in 2 sizes: 3 cu.ft. (loosefill) & 3.8 cu. ft. (compressed)

Mix #5: A starting mix that contains perlite (replacing sunshine mix #3). Suitable for propogation and transplants. Designed to enhance root development in the propogation of ornamental and vegetable transplants. Ready to Gro. Low drainage, fine particle size, and high water retention. Ingredients: Dolomite lime, fine perlite, sphagnum peat moss, long lasting wetting agent, reSilience 

Mix #7: polymer gel holds available water near the roots, making it an excellent mix for plants needing frequent watering or receive less than ideal care once they leave the greenhouse.


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