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Future Harvest - Plantacillin 2-0-0

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100% natural fungicide, Plantacillin is a pure biological powerhouse that fights disease and goes beyond chemical fungicides. Plantacillin contains billions of beneficial rhizosphere bacteria that prevent and control damaging root and foliar diseases such as Anthracnose, Pythium, Phytophthora, Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia, Xanthomonas, Botrytis, Alternaria, and Fusarium.
Plantacillin quickly forms colonies on the root hairs, protecting them from soil borne pathogens. Plantacillin boosts a plant's natural immune system and produces auxin-like metabolites that promote root- and crop growth.
Plantacillin's (bacillus subtilis) also produce a broad spectrum antibiotic that interferes with pathogen cell wall formation. It is non-toxic to beneficial insects.
In addition to protecting your plants against disease, you'll get other benefits that include superior rooting. The masses of white, healthy roots, better nutrient uptake, and shorter production times. ŸNatural and organic. ŸRepair pre-existing damage to roots.
Plantacillin may be used in irrigation systems without clogging. ŸContains 5.5 x 1010 (55 trillion) colony forming units (CFU's) per gallon. Use Plantacillin as an additive to your existing nutrient solution.

Currently only available at Early's in 500ml


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