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Turn Up The Heat COMBO PACK

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It is time to turn up the heat! Spice lovers with a green thumb are sure to love this combination of our favorite spicy pepper seeds. Included are 8 packages of the hottest peppers we have to offer, perfect for an assortment of your favorite recipes and dishes. Nothing makes a meal better than a bit of added flavour. Many of these peppers are perfect for soups, sauces, salads, dips, pickling, dried seasonings and even for ornaments!

Ancho (Poblano) is Mexico’s favorite chile pepper! When traditionally ripened to red and dried, this pepper is known as an ‘Ancho’; it is also used green as a ‘Poblano’. The thick-walled, mildly hot fruit have a rich, mellow flavour great for cooking. 10 seeds

The Red Cayenne, are long and ripen to a bright red. When fully mature they are very hot and are great pickled or dried and used as seasoning. The colorful fruits are often curled and twisted and can be threaded on string and dried for colorful ornaments. 800 seeds

Habanero are a very hot, but small pepper. Green turns to bright orange-red at maturity. 50 seeds

Jalapeno are known for their zesty hot flavor widely used in Mexican cuisine. Starting deep green, and maturing to red. 50 seeds

Ghost Chile (WARNING SCOVILLE 1,000,000). Small, yet mighty hot flavour! 5 seeds

Hungarian Yellow Wax peppers start as canary yellow turning orange-red when mature. The tapered fruits grow to about 6” (15cm) and are hot.  100 seeds

Garden Salsa peppers are mildly hot, producing 9” (23cm) long fruits. This pepper was developed for homemade salsa. 10 seeds

Serrano chili pepper is similar to Jalapeno, but smaller. Flavour is medium to hot taste, and are an excellent choice to not overpower a dish or plate! 10 seeds



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