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Perennial Garden Seeds COMBO PACK

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A beautiful garden year after year! Here are our top 10 favorite annual seed packages. A beautiful mix of colour for your yard and garden.

California Poppy – Brilliant orange flowers with satiny petals cover low-growing plants. Easy to grow and combine well with other wildflowers. 150 seeds

Lupine Russell Mix – Spectacular flower spikes in a wide range of separate colours and bicolours. Plants are mounded and covered with deeply cut attractive foliage. 40 seeds

Monarda Bee Balm – Distinctive, brightly coloured flower-heads that create captivating border displays. A great addition to a pollinator garden. 20 seeds

Delphinium Galahad – A tall perennial with magnificent flower spikes. Densely packed with glistening pure white flowers. Blooms for weeks! 20 seeds

Everlasting Sweet Peas- Climbing vining plants produce sprays of white, pink and rose coloured sweet pea like flowers. Blooms all summer and into mid fall. 45 seeds

Butterfly Weed- Sun & heat loving perennial. Yellow/orange in colour. Does best in sandy and loamy ground. 10 seeds

Texas Blue Bonnet – this lupine has attractive foliage with smooth, palmate leaves along the flower spikes of blue-violet topped with white in early spring. Good in most growing spaces. 25 seeds

Purple Coneflower - Sturdy upright growing plants produce large daisy type flowers with purple petals and yellow gold centres. Flowers produce summer to fall. 75 seeds

Blue Flax – Delicate, lacy plants are covered with cup shaped light blue flowers from late spring through summer. Easy to grow and combine well with other wildflowers. 150 seeds


Hollyhock Carnival – Dramatically tall flower spikes. The bright colors of the double blooms are lovely growing in a cottage garden, along side fences, or cut for vases. Shade of pink, red, and yellow. 25 seeds

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