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Ice Melter & Pet Safety

  • February 5, 2021
  • Written by Audra Cooper


ice melter

NOTE: NO Ice Melter is 100% pet safe! All Ice Melter can be dangerous to animals when used improperly.

Make sure to avoid Ice melting products that contain ingredients toxic or harmful to animals including:

  • magnesium chloride
  • potassium chloride
  • calcium magnesium acetate
  • calcium chloride
  • calcium carbonate

Our Suggestion:


Main melting ingredient is PESTELL--propylene glycol which is used in the production of personal health care products (veterinary & food). This product is safe for pets, children, vehicles and is very environmentally safe when used as directed. (please review instruction before application for best results).

When used as directed this product is:

  • noncorrosive
  • does not cause burns to humans or animals.
  • cuts through 1-inch-thick ice 
  • fast acting 
  • helps roughen surface on thicker ice.

To ensure safety while using any Ice Melter:

  1.  Use non-toxic, pet friendly ice melting products.
  2. Clean your dog’s paws after contact with Melter products.
  3. Avoid areas where Melter is used when with your pet.
  4. Use dog boots or socks when walking for additional protection.
  5. Monitor your pet and make sure they do not consume any Ice Melter products.




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