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Thrush is in the air!

  • March 30, 2015
  • Written by Melinda Confrey

Spring is in the air! Unfortunately so is thrush, How do we prevent and treat it? 

How to treat this funky infection...

Living in Saskatchewan we know all about thrush, when our insane amount of snowfall melts our horses can end up living in deep mud for weeks, and sometimes their hooves become soft and smelly with a black residue around the frog. Those are telltale signs of an infection, but don't fret and call the vet just yet! We have some excellent products in store or online that can save the day!

Prevention of this infection can be very simple. Do your best to keep your hooved pets on dry land, a little bit of mud is alright but if it comes up over the hoof this can cause problems. Regularly pick your horses hooves! You can never have a horse with hooves that are too clean.

Excellent preventative products would include the KERATEX hoof care line.

Frog Disinfectant: Keratex Frog Disinfectant contains tea tree oil, a powerful and specific disinfectant which protects against the organisms which cause thrush. Other ingredients contribute by dehydrating the cell structures of invading bacteria and fungi. 50ml

Hoof Gel: Keratex Hoof Gel keeps hoof horn water tight in wet weather, stops cracking in dry. Not a damaging oil, but a powerful hydrophobic treatment that leaves the hoof glistening dry. 500ml

Hoof Hardener: Keratex Hoof Hardener strengthens weak, worn and cracked hooves by improving the molecular structure of the horn itself. Equally effective in wet & dry conditions. 250ml

Hoof Putty: Keratex Hoof Putty seals and waterproofs horn separation cavities, preventing germs from compromising hoof health. Self-adhesive, flexible and won't drop our or deteriorate. 200g

Mud Shield: Keratex Mud Shield Powder guards against the effects of mud and water on horses' legs and body. It will thoroughly disinfect the skin areas as well. Unlike creams and ointments which contribute to further softening of the skin, Keratex Mud and Shield Powder allows the skin to breath while repelling water and mud particles. 450g

Hoof & Leg Scrub: Keratex Hoof Wash is a unique and very economical disinfecting soak for the hooves and lower legs, which has been produced for those horses that would benefit from a cooling ten minute antibacterial soak. 300ml

What to do when you notice thrush in your horses hooves:

1. Move your horse to a clean dry paddock

2.Clean the hoof with antiseptic wash daily and apply one of our thrush care products

3.Pick their hooves at least twice a day! Air flow will speed up the healing process by allowing the frog to breathe.

When to call the vet:

-If the condition doesn’t clean up in 7 to 17 days

- Lameness and swelling worsens


Here are a few of our favorite products for Thrush treatment:

No Thrush Dry Powder Treatment:                                  Kopper Kare:

First ever dry equine thrush treatment.                                   Kopper Kare has been the leading thrush

Natural, Fast, easy and clean. Attacks                                    treatment for years, after picking the hoof

Bacteria and eliminates the moisture                                      picking the hoof clean and removing as much

when it hides.                                                                           fungus as possible simply spray on and it will

                                                                                                 eat away the infection. 


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