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10 Things to do in the Garden on a Rainy Day

  • May 24, 2016
  • Written by Melinda Confrey

As an avid Gardener, do you find yourself bored on a rainy day when you can't get out and spend time pampering your plants?

Here is a list of ideas to keep you busy amidst the sweet summer rain!

  1. Uproot hardy weeds like dandelions while the soil is wet. It’s much easier.
  2. Help water logged potted plants to dry off by removing trays from under them, and placing them somewhere out of the rain to drain off.
  3. Cover delicate or young plants, or move them to shelter if they’re in a pot.
  4. Collect rainwater in bottles, buckets, or watering cans to feed to your houseplants; or pop them all outside for a quick drink when the rain is gentle.
  5. Go on slug and snail patrol! You can pick them off by hand, or lay down deterrents such as coffee grounds or crushed eggshells.
  6. Turn the compost heap. Mix up the wet and dry layers.
  7. Collect and dry off any seeds you want to save for next year.
  8. Clean and tidy the shed, green house, or garage. Also take this time to clean any garden tools and empty pots.
  9. Start planning next year’s garden. Think about ordering seeds and bulbs now.
  10. Come See Us at Early's for all your Gardening needs and ideas for the future!