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  • February 24, 2015
  • Written by Melinda Confrey

How to Grow Begonias ~ they are about as easy as it gets!

Begonias are easy to start and care for. Just remember, the rounded part goes down. Begin with a Seedling Starting Mix, make a hole deep enough for the tuber to fit in, but that the top is level with the growing medium. The planted tubers have to be started in a warm place. Cover the pots with plastic or domes that have ventilation until they start to grow. Once they start to grow, make sure they get plenty of good light so they grow short and stocky, not long and leggy. Moving them to a cooler area will keep them more compact. Be careful with placement of the begonias, do not have in direct sunlight as it can cause burning. Plenty of indirect light is best. Once the begonia is a couple inches tall, it can be fertilized with a low nitrogen fertilizer every couple weeks.

Start your Begonias Now and up to the 3rd week in March to get a bountiful amount of blooms in the summer!

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