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Fall Lawn & Garden Tips

  • August 20, 2013
  • Written by Administrator

Fall is a great time to fertilize and overseed a lawn after the stress of summer. It is also a good time to start a new lawn as there is less competition from weeds and insects and minimal extreme heat. Whether it is a new lawn or an established one, chose a good slow release fertilizer such as Country Green Winterizer 15-0-30 or C.I.L. Golfgreen 12-0-18. Notice that those products are low in Nitrogen and high in Potash. This provides enough nutrients to get through winter and into spring and also provides disease resistance. 

There is no need to fertilize trees and shrubs at this time because it will stimulate growth and could potentially shock them when winter sets in.

Let your perennials die back naturally to allow the nutrients to go back into the roots/bubs to make them strong for the following year. When digging up Glads, Dalias, Callas and Cannas for winter storage, make sure to dry them properly. Also make sure to treat them with a bulb dust before storing. Do not store bulbs in plastic containers. It is best to store bulbs in paper or cardboard with peat moss or wood shavings (pine) - this will prevent them from drying out. Check your bulbs around Christmas and spritz them with water if they are dry. Information on Fall Bulbs.

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