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Fall Gardening Seminar - Ken Beattie

Early's held a Fall Gardening Seminar at 2615 Lorne Ave. September 12, 2013. Ken Beattie spoke about bulbs: do's & don'ts of preparing your garden, bulb facts, gardening short cuts and other advice regarding perennials. Watch video clips from his talk:

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Video Topics: Correct soil conditions & quality, Plant food (fertilizer): Synthetic vs. Non-synthetic, Drainage, Planting depth, Bulb beds, Types of bulbs, Prairie bulb gardening, where bulbs come from, scented bulbed flowers, planning your bulb garden, winterizing your bulbs garden, forcing bulbs. 

Products of interest: Soil amendments: Axis, , Manures, Compost, Peat Moss, Bone Meal, Holland Bulbs

Ken Beattie is a former resident of Regina and is now living in Winnipeg. He is a renowned Western Canadian Horticulturist, working at Winnipeg's 1100 acre Assiniboine Park, he is always happy to share knowledge with our province. Ken makes gardening fun as he speaks and answers your gardening questions. "Of all the gardeners I've met across the country, Saskatchewan gardeners are the most vehement and in-your-face gardeners, which is great." Ken Beattie.

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