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Getting Rid of Dandelions

  • May 24, 2013
  • Written by Spencer Early

News Talk CKOM Interview with Spencer Early - June 2012. Topic: How to get rid of dandelions and the use of pesticides.

There are both organic and traditional ways to keep dandelion weeds under control.  Organic gardeners will prevent infestations by plucking seed heads by hand, or digging out the roots using tools. Using corn gluten is another organic option that controls the pre-emergence inhibition of dandelions (existing weeds are not affected).  Traditional gardeners can choose a selective herbicide. Recommended Product: Weed-B-Gone a selective herbicide that uses iron, a natural way to rid your lawn of dandelions. Weeds absorb iron through leaves and roots. Iron oxidation causes weeds to dry up, turn black, shrivel and die.

WEED & FEED IS NO LONGER REGISTERED FOR SALE IN CANADA AS OF DEC 31ST, 2012.  This included liquid and granular.  Although very popular, Weed & Feed was often not used properly due to various factors. Currently customers can still purchase slow release fertilizer and weed killer separately, which is better and more economical because the fertilizer is not weather dependent to apply and the weed killer can be used more selectively.

There are choices of weed killer, the traditional products, such as Weed Out comes in various concentrations and newer natural products such as Weed B Gon contain a high iron content and works well. Also popular for the traditional gardener is WEEDEX DANDELION BAR or WEEDEX DANDELION STICK.

Not having Weed & Feed will be an adjustment to what people are used to but separating the fertilizer application from the weed killer is actually better in the long run. 

Spencer Early