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Winter Bird Feeding

  • October 30, 2021
  • Written by Audra Cooper

Winter Bird Feeding

While most birds head south at this time of the year a few of our feathered friends will stick it out for winter. Having the right food around can insure that you will have those birds hanging around your yard. As the temperature drops, birds will require food with higher energy content like sunflower or safflower seeds, mixed nuts or suet. You should also consider going with a shelled product as it will reduce the amount of waste underneath the feeder and cut down on the amount of undesirable animals attracted to your yard. Choosing the right feeder is also key to attracting the right birds, smaller port feeders or a mesh nut feeder will attract smaller birds like Chickadees, Nuthatches or Pine Siskans while discouraging larger birds like magpies. Check out our FF10 mesh feeder, 391pine tube feeder or 24211 have a Ball feeder for shelled sunflower seeds and our B00303 Fly Through and 395YH peanut mesh feeder for those mixed nuts. We also have a few hopper feeders that will accommodate both suet and seed like 50153 Lodge feeder 50144YH Deluxe Cedar Chalet or 50181YH Star Barn feeder.

Written by Early's Expert Cory Confrey October 2021