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Bent Grass

February 2020 Varieties in Stock:


Penncross has set the bentgrass standard since 1955. It has a medium green coloration and has rapid establishment. It is known for its aggressive, lateral growth habit and wide range of adaptability. Penncross has excellent resistance to dollar spot as well as other diseases.

After 50 plus years, Penncross is still the most specified and most widely used and trusted bentgrass in the world. Along with providing a smooth surface for putting greens, its aggressive lateral growth and ability to recover quickly makes Penncross a great choice for use on tees and landing areas. Penncross is exclusively a first-generation cross of three vegetative clones, which are planted by hand in Oregon. The parent material, developed by Dr. Musser, is still maintained at Penn State University, where it is not allowed to flower, and vegetative stolons are air expressed to Oregon, to plant new fields of Penncross.


Penn A-4 is dark green with fine leaf texture, exceptional heat and cold tolerance, high density, disease resistant and aggressive growth habit. It provides a smooth grainless putting surface. Penn A-4 will also provide a good playing surface for tees and fairways. It is proven to be adaptable to various conditions.

Dr. Joe Duich developed these new Penn bents from plant selections that exhibit dense, upright growth, fine leaf texture and the ability to tolerate low cutting heights as well as high heat and humidity. Today, the A's and G's are recognized as some of the finest bentgrasses ever produced for putting greens. The A's and G's provide a consistent, virtually grainless putting surface that adapts easily to raising and lowering of cutting heights, allowing superintendents to manage green speeds without worries. Dense-tillered and upright-growing, the A's and G's need less fertilizer, less water and less fungicide applications. Thanks to their deep roots, they more effectively tolerate low mowing, heat, humidity, cold, disease and wear.


Crystal BlueLinks creeping bentgrass had the highest turf quality, averaged across all locations, during the 2006 NTEP fairway/tee trials. It has a unique blue-green color and has shown good resistance to brown patch and dollar spot. Crystal BlueLinks has also shown good heat tolerance and performs exceptionally well in shady areas.  TECH SHEET


Pure Select is the product of a rich heritage of bentgrass seed that includes Penncross and the groundbreaking Penn A’s & G’s. Pure Select has a dense, upright and aggressive growth habit. It’s wear-tolerant and produces less thatch. Pure Select is also exceptionally strong against disease, heat and cold, while also being easy to manage. Pure Select gives you a quick spring green-up and outstanding turf quality year round on bentgrass greens.  TECH SHEET


Celebrate the dark with Nightlife creeping bentgrass, our highest rated bentgrass for color. TECH SHEET


Aggressive against Poa annua, tenacious ground cover. The forgiving bentgrasses: championship conditions with the championship maintenance. Excellent disease resistance. The #1 darkest green bentgrass variety in the world.  TECH SHEET