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AC Peregrine
Bright Red Skin - White/creamy flesh. Maturity: Mid season variety. High yielding, round, smooth ski..
Starting at $6.50
Banana Gourmet
Late Season. Yellow skin & flesh, buttery taste. Yield: High. Size: Fingerling500g bag..
Mid-Season to late maturity. One of the most popular varieties world-wide for certain ethnic markets..
Starting at $6.50
Bintje, Norland, Warba Seed Potato Combo Pack
A great size pack for a wider selection of varieties. Excellent varieties for the home gardener and ..
Purple skin - White flesh. Maturity - Very Early Season. A high yielding, early maturing, oblong pot..
Starting at $6.50
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Carolina Red Organic
*Organic This early red skin, white flesh variety produces round to oval tubers that are used in ret..
Colomba Yellow Organic
*Organic This early yellow skin, yellow flesh variety produces round to oval tubers that are ex..
German Butterball Gourmet
Buttery flavor and tender, flaky texture. Excellent for winter storage. Maturity: Late Yield: Good S..
Gold Rush
Maturity: Mid season. Russet skin; long, smooth tuber, excellent type of shallow eyes and extremely ..
Starting at $5.95
Buff skin - White flesh. Maturity - Mid season. Oval to oblong shaped tubers with smooth buff skin a..
Starting at $6.50
Potato Tubs
Gardman. The easy way to grow delicious new potatoes. Perfect for smaller gardens, patios and balcon..
Rande's Golden Gem
By EarthApples - Rande’s Golden Gem is a mid-season yellow fleshed variety. Plant mid-May for ..
Red Norland
Red skin - White flesh. Maturity - Early season. A good yielding, early maturing variety with shallo..
Starting at $5.95
Red Pontiac
Red Skin - White flesh. Maturity - Late (100-120 days). Red Pontiac is a good yielding, la..
Starting at $6.50
Russet Burbank (Netted Gem)
Russet Skin/White flesh. Maturity - Late season (100 - 120 days). High yield. Commonly known as the ..
Starting at $5.95
Russian Blue
Deep Blue Skin - Blue/purple flesh - Mid Season. Good yields of medium tubers with excellent flavor...
Red Skin - White flesh. Maturity - Mid season (100 - 120 days). A fresh market potato-oval shaped tu..
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Viking Purple Skin
Mid-Season. A high yielding, oblong round, shallow eyes, smooth purple skin with very white flesh. T..
Starting at $6.50
Viking Red Skin
Red skin - White flesh. Maturity - Mid season variety (85 - 100 days).  High yielding, oblong-s..
Starting at $6.50
Yukon Gold
Yellow skin - Yellow Flesh - Maturity: Mid season.  The most popular yellow flesh variety. Cons..
Starting at $5.95