Pond Supplies

Pond Supplies
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Aquarock Fountain Kit 5 Gallon
The Aqua Rock Fountain Kit integrates seamlessly with any landscape or garden. The kit installs in l..
Aquatic Planting Media
Ideal when potting aquatic plants.  Retains oxygen.  Enormous surface area perfect to colo..
Starting at $22.95
Fight Pond Scum, Naturally! Uses naturally occurring components to sequester nutrients essential for..
Starting at $49.99
Barley Extract Pond Cleaner
Natural Pond Treatment Reduces Unsightly Debris Maintains Clean & Clear Water Faster Than P..
Starting at $18.95
Barley Straw Pellets
Laguna Brand. Processed into a slow release pellet to maintain clear pond water naturally. Fish and ..
Barley Straw Pond Treatment
Clear-Water barley straw bales. A safe and natural enzyme is released to reduce algae. Treats up to..
Blue Pond Tint
Aquascape Blue Pond Tint is a completely non toxic dye that will safely help keep pond water clean, ..
Cordless Pond Cleaner
The Laguna PowerClean Cordless Pond Cleaner takes-voltacuuming a pond to a whole a new level. Design..
D-Solv Oxy Pond Cleaner
D-Solve will help remove attached dead organic debris from waterfalls, streams and rocks in seconds...
De-Icer Pond Breather with 40W Heater
Vents harmful gasses from frozen ponds Floats in pond and freezes into ice up to 15 inches thick ..
Aquascape EcoSystems EcoTabs - Aquatic Plant Fertilizer 15-5-10 Easy and safe application Essent..
Floating Pond Thermometer
Laguna Floating Pond Thermometer Quickly, easily, and accurately measure the temperature of your pon..
Goldfish & Koi Color Enhancing Premium Food Sticks
Color Enhancing Food Sticks• For all seasons, when water temperature is above 50°F (10°..
Starting at $17.95
Goldfish & Koi Spring & Fall Premium Food Sticks
Spirulina & Wheat Germ Food Sticks: Spring & Fall• For spring & fall, when water te..
Starting at $17.95
IonGen Clarifier System G2
The Aquascape IonGen System is an electronic water clarifier for Ponds, Pondless Waterfalls and othe..
Iongen Replacement Probes
Generation 1 Replacement probe fits the first generation Aquascape IonGen pond ionization system wit..
Laguna All Season Goldfish & Koi Food
When water temperature is above 50°F/10°C, feed one to four times daily as much as the fish ..
Starting at $8.99
Laguna Bio Booster Water Treatment
Laguna Bio Booster quickly goes to work as soon as you put it in the water and provides long-lasting..
Laguna Bio Sludge Control Water Treatment
Laguna Bio Sludge Control is specifically formulated to break down organic solids and pond sludge. T..
Starting at $23.99
Laguna Clear Fast Water Treatment
Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that quickly clears cloudy or discoloured p..
Starting at $12.99
Laguna Collapsible Pond Skimmer
Laguna Collapsible Pond Skimmer provides a wide variety of features for making maintenance work in a..
Laguna Collapssible Pond Net
Laguna Collapsible Pond Net provides a wide variety of features for making maintenance work in and a..
Laguna Duckling
This decorative waterfowl ornament adds a touch of life, color and whimsy to water gardens. 5"..
Laguna Extendable Pond Net
Laguna Pond Net provides a wide variety of features for making maintenance work in and around ponds ..
Laguna Filter Coarse Pad For Filter Falls
Laguna Mechanical/Biological Coarse Filter Pad is exclusively designed and made in Japan by world-re..
Starting at $29.99
Laguna Impeller 2000/2400
Laguna Replacement Impeller Complete impeller assembly Easy to use and replace For Laguna parts ..
Laguna Nonkink Hose
Durable, flexible and long lasting. For use in all pond systems.  Sold by the Foot. Available ..
Starting at $1.69
Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover
Specifically formulated for freshwater ponds, Laguna Phos-X Phosphate Remover reduces many of the co..
Laguna Phosphate Control Water Treatment
Phosphate Control naturally improves pond water clarity and overall pond conditions. Phosphate is a ..
Starting at $23.99