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14% Lamb Grower Ration
Proform. Rolled 20kg. Our nutritional expertise allows us to produce feed products that meet the rec..
18% Lamb Starter
Proform Lamb Creep Pellet. Medicated to help prevent scouring. 20KG. Our nutritional expertise allow..
Agri-Blok 10:6 Sheep
25kg, 4 Cell Mineral Block. Easy intake - Mollasified Agri-Blend's blocks provide the essential pro..
Alpine Latex Gloves (Powder Free)
Alpine Chlorine-Free Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves represent an exciting and innovative alter..
Black Lamb Nipple
FDA approved non-latex snap-on soda bottle nursing nipples for feeding lambs, kids, goats, piglets a..
Bloat-Eze is recommended as an aid in the treatment of frothy bloat in cattle, sheep and goat. Can b..
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Brooder Lamp
Product Details Infra Red Brooder Lamps are designed to provide a pleasant radiant heat that warms ..
Clear Heatlamp Bulb
Available in 250W Bulbs in Clear..
Economy Elastrator Pliers
The modern, easy method of bloodless castrating and docking lamb/young goats. Used in stretching a s..
Elastrator Rings
• For the use in castration of lambs, calves, goats, and other animals up to 250 pounds.• ..
Indications:Combination vitamin and electrolyte powder is indicated for providing both vitamins and ..
Guard & Wound Spray
An antiseptic spray solution for topical use as an aid in the treatment of wound infections of cattl..
Hemo-Stat Powder
Indications: Hemo-Stat Powder is used as an aid to stop bleeding of minor cuts and wounds. Direction..
Hog Feed
ProForm nutritionists understand that the first stage of growth for a piglet is critical to raising ..
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Hoof Heal by Cut-Heal
Hoof Heal 5-1 Hoof Care for Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Goats. Aids in maintaining a healthy frog, s..
Interheat 250w Red Heatlamp Bulb
Interheat infrared bulb, 250W, tempered glass, Sold in boxes of 2...
An ideal all around lubricant for rectal and obstetrical procedures. Greaseless, water soluble ..
Llama Halter
This 3/4" nylon criss-cross halter features nickel plated hardware that's in-line with today's trend..
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Miller Calf Bottle
Made from durable polyethylene, the Nursing Bottle with Snap-On OR Screw-on Nipple makes feeding cal..
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Oster Shearmaster Heavy-Duty Shearing
The Single Speed Shearing Machine with 3" Head.  For the demands of fitting and trimming large ..
Piperazine Dihyrochloride 53%
Our soluble form of flavored piperazine powder is indicated for use as a one day wormer for control ..
Pritchard Lamb Nipple
Ideal for: Sheep, Goats, Deer, or other hoofstock.Made of soft latexDesigned with a special "flutter..
Scarlet Oil Spray
An external application for use on superficial lacerations, cuts, and burns of animals. 250ml Bottl..
Stress-Aid Vitamin and Electrolyte Supplement
Vitamin and Electrolyte Water Soluble Powder for Poultry, Swine, Cattle and Horses 100g packet For ..
Sulfa 2 Powder
This apple flavored soluble double sulfa powder is indicated for use in the treatment of bacterial i..
Super Booster AntiBiotic
Water soluble antibiotic and vitamin premix for: chickens, turkeys, swine, and calves 100g package ..
Wet Nurse - Milk Replacer
PMT's Wet Nurse™ milk replacers are crafted to insure young animals get a good start in life. ..
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