Lettuce - Head

PLEASE NOTE: Some seeds are treated with a Fungicide.
This is to enhance germination and help defend against diseases.
For more information on treated and non-treated seeds please contact our
Seed Department at 1-800-667-1159.

Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

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Pkt (≈ 2000 seeds) This butterhead type of lettuce is prized for its heavy, compact heads, s..
Deuce - Pelleted Seed
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) Iceberg type, extremely short core with lots of weight. Pelleted seed. No g..
Pkt (≈ 300seeds) A superior buttercrunch type lettuce with uniform smooth firm head and brigh..
Great Lakes (1944) (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 1000 seeds)25g (≈ 25,000 seeds) Heads are large, dark green and solid. The deepl..
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Mighty Joe M.I. - Pelleted Seed
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) Replaces Ithaca. Large iceberg type. Very uniform, round heads with good le..
NIZ 44 - Pelleted Seed
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) Uniform, dark green, early iceberg type. Heads are round, uniform & mai..
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) Excellent head lettuce. Large round very firm heads. Crisp dark green, well..
Pkt (≈ 300 seeds) An almost bitter-free medium green hard lettuce. This variety is slow bolti..