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Due to provincial regulations many of these products are available to Saskatchewan residents only.  Please see individual item for details.

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Ant, Roach & Crawling Insect Killer Dust
Kills ants, carpenter ants/beetles, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas and silverfish. Ready to a..
AntOut Ant Bait
Child resistant bait trays. 4-way entry. Effective and easy to use. Kills sweet & grease eating ..
AntOut Liquid Bait
Wilson AntOut Liquid Ant Bait is a slow acting ant killer that will destroy the colony with just a f..
Doktor Doom Bed Bug Blaster
Doktor Doom Go Green Bed Bug & Household Insect Blaster. Maximum strength household space and co..
Doktor Doom Go Green Pyrethrin Insecticide Powder
Doktor Doom Go Green Premium Quality Pyrethin Insecticide Powder For Home And Garden is made from an..
Doktor Doom Hornet & Wasp Nest Annihilator
Gives rapid knockdown and kill of wasps, hornets and yellow jackets. Reaches nests in trees & un..
Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray
Doktor Doom's most versatile residual spray. For use on all plants except food crops. Longer term ki..
Doktor Doom Indoor/Outdoor Insecticide Spray
Kills indoor pests (spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, flies and bed bugs), and garden p..
Doktor Doom Residual Surface Insecticide
Doktor Doom Residual surface and contact spray. Extremely effective in killing carpenter ants, fleas..
Doktor Doom Sleep Tight Bed Bug Spray
Contact spray only no Residual control. Apply to Mattresses, Furniture, Bed Frame & Box Spring. ..
Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockout
Doktor Doom® Spider Mite Knock Out® is a .20% pyrethrin formula. Unlike soap based products ..
Doktor Doom Total Release Fumigator
The best benefit to using the Total Release Fumigators is that they are made with natural pyrethrum ..
Starting at $12.99
Fly Catcher Ribbon
Victor Fly Ribbon is sticky and hung to catch flying insects. Victor Fly Ribbon attracts flying inse..
Fly Swatter
Plastic swat and sturdy metal handle. Available in Assorted Colors  ..
Home Defense Max Spray
Liquid Perimeter & Indoor Insect Control. One application creates a season-long bug barrier..
Starting at $7.99
Home Defense No Pest Strips
Ortho® Home Defense® MAX™ No-Pest® Insecticide Strip, the power brand in insect co..
Houseplant & Indoor Garden Insect Spray
Excellent for use on indoor plants and vegetables. Kills whiteflies, spiders, aphids, thrips, moths,..
Starting at $6.49
Indoor Fly Trap
Victor poison free indoor fly trap is a safe way to eliminate the pesky fly. Uses natural food attra..
Insect Glue Trap
Victor Crawling Insect Glue Traps - 4/pk. For roaches, crickets and other crawling insects. No poiso..
Insecticidal Soap
*This product can be shipped to SASKATCHEWAN residents only!* Safer "HELP WITHOUT HARM" Insecticida..
Insectigone Ant Dust
INSECTIGONE® ANT KILLER is made from a unique patented formula containing amorphous diatomaceous..
Starting at $7.99
Insectigone Bed Bug & Flea Killer
Kills bedbugs, fleas, and other crawling insects Made from a unique formula containing amorphous ..
Insectigone Crawling Insect Killer
INSECTIGONE® CRAWLING INSECT KILLER is made from a unique patented formula containing amorphous ..
Starting at $7.99
Insectigone Liquid Ant
Ready-to-use (RTU) trigger spray in convenient bottle. Fast-acting spray kills insects on contact..
Large Glue Traps
Hortikure. Ideal for greenhouses: The ready-to-use glue trap permits monitoring and control of insec..
Starting at $11.99
Lock Down Pads
Lock Down Pads are pesticide-free sticky boards coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive. Made of hig..
Starting at $2.49
One Shot Ant Killer Foam
Fills ant nests with foam. Use indoors and outdoors. Fast knockdown and lasting activity. Press..
One Shot House & Indoor Garden Insect Spray
Highly effective and easy to use. Controls bed bugs and many flying and crawling insects. Formula is..
SpiderBan Concentrate
*This product can be shipped to SASKATCHEWAN residents only!* WILSON LAWN & GARDEN SpiderBan. C..
SpiderBan One Shot Aerosol
WILSON LAWN & GARDEN SpiderBan.  Aerosol.  Spray offers fast knock down and residual a..