Horse Care & Veterinary

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Absorbent Blue Lotion
Absorbent Blue Lotion is the finest quality, superior counter liniment and warm up lotion. A unique ..
Starting at $25.95
Absorbine Veterinary Liniment
For over 120 years, Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment has been the world's number one selling horse..
Starting at $11.99
All Nylon Crib Strap/Collar
Nylon Nutcracker style cribbing collar. Adjustable nylon strap. Available in Brown...
Alpine Latex Gloves (Powder Free)
Alpine Chlorine-Free Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves represent an exciting and innovative alter..
Centaur Quilted Cotton Wraps
Quilted cotton leg wraps sold in sets of 4. 80g - 1/4" Polyester fill. White. Sizes: 12" X 30" ..
Starting at $26.95
Chain End Twitch
Wooden handle heavy duty twitch with chrome plated nose chain.  ..
Cool Cast Emollient Leg Bandage
Cool-Cast offers supportive, antiphlogistic care and treatment to help reduce inflammation, swelling..
Dynamint Equine Leg & Muscle Rub
A soothing combination of natural essential oils in a gentle cream base. This specially formulated t..
Indications:Combination vitamin and electrolyte powder is indicated for providing both vitamins and ..
Epi-Pet All-Purpose Natural Treatment Spray
Epi-Pet All-Purpose Natural Treatment Spray is an excellent topical treatment for pets with dry, fla..
Starting at $11.95
Equistro Cartiflex
EQUISTRO® CARTIFLEX Locomotor system Complementary feeding stuff to help support the joint mob..
Equistro Excell E
EQUISTRO® EXCELL E Muscle system and condition Dietetic complementary feeding stuff for horses..
Equistro Kerabol Biotin
EQUISTRO® KERABOL BIOTIN Hoof, Hair & Skin Complementary feeding stuff for horses that con..
Eqvalan Gold Paste De-Wormer
EQVALAN GOLD is the broadest-spectrum dewormer available in Canada. It combines two active ingredien..
EQyss Canadian Marigold Spray
Canadian Marigold Horse Spray creates a barrier on the skin to stop odors. A long lasting botanical ..
Excalibur Sheath Cleaner
Excalibur Sheath Cleaner for Horses Sheath cleaner for horses specifically developed to be fast a..
Exodus Paste De-Wormer
Contains proven pyrantel pamoate for safe, positive worm removal and control.  Over 90% effecti..
Finish Line Original Clay
The Finish Line Original Premium Clay Poultice helps treat your horse after a hard run or a long day..
Finishline Kool Out Clay
All natural non-medicated poultice. It is creamy smooth; it goes on easy and comes off easy. Non-med..
Fiske's Skin & Wound Salve
An enriched and easy to apply version of Hoof & Hide Balm. Thickened with soothing Shea Butter, ..
Starting at $11.99
Fiske's Skin & Wound Salve
Fiske's Hoof & Hide balm has been tried and tested for over 100 years. It is a 100% natural, mul..
Starting at $37.95
Furazone Solution
A topical treatment for superficial bacterial infections associated with wounds, lesions, & burn..
Furazone Sweat
Fura-Zone® prevents and treats surface bacterial infections of wounds, burns and cutaneous ulcer..
Gall Salve
Bickmore - A topical antiseptic ointment for quick relief of galls, wounds, sores on horses and othe..
Guard & Wound Spray
An antiseptic spray solution for topical use as an aid in the treatment of wound infections of cattl..
Hawthorne Ichthammol
HEALING OF EQUINE WOUNDS AND HORSE HOOVES Aids in the healing of horse wounds, chaps, chronic skin ..
Hemo-Stat Powder
Indications: Hemo-Stat Powder is used as an aid to stop bleeding of minor cuts and wounds. Direction..
Hibitane Veterinary Ointment
As an aid in the treatment of fungal infections, abscesses, skin infections and wounds, and after mi..
Starting at $12.95
Horse Height / Weight Tape
Easy-Measure Height & Weight Tape for Horse & Pony. Made from Unbreakable Vinyl-Coated Nylon..
Ivermectin Liquid For Horses
IVERMECTIN (ivermectin) LIQUID for Horses has been formulated for administration by oral drench. One..
Starting at $37.95