Hoof Care

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#171 Frosts Hoof Knife
All Frosts hoof knives are made form superior quality Swedish stainless steel with hardwood handles...
Animalintex Poultice Pad
The Animalintex hoof shaped poultice pad is ideal for cuts, wounds, abscesses, and hoof conditions. ..
Barrier Boot
Davis Barrier Boot is a replacements for a lost shoe and protects the tender frog and sole. It allow..
Cornucrescine Hoof Ointment
Description - A unique, traditional formula used and trusted for generations. Massage into the ..
Effol Hoof Ointment
The classic product The original Effol Hoof-Ointment ensures healthy hoof growth and also has a dis..
Equine Hoof Bandage
Hoof Wraps Bandages were designed with horses in mind. Hoof Wraps can be safely used for common hoof..
Equistro Kerabol Biotin
EQUISTRO® KERABOL BIOTIN Hoof, Hair & Skin Complementary feeding stuff for horses that con..
Farriers Choice Supplement
As with a broken fingernail, the only way to fix a bad hoof is to let it grow a new one. We can appl..
Starting at $34.95
Fiske's Skin & Wound Salve
Fiske's Hoof & Hide balm has been tried and tested for over 100 years. It is a 100% natural, mul..
Starting at $37.95
Folding Hoof Pick
  Folds to about 2 inches x 2 inches - perfect for a pocket! Grooved hinge help keeps pick ..
Frosts Double Edge Hoof Knife
Quality double-edged hoof knife from Denmark with stainless steel blades and quality wooden handles ..
Hawthorne Ichthammol
HEALING OF EQUINE WOUNDS AND HORSE HOOVES Aids in the healing of horse wounds, chaps, chronic skin ..
Hoof Dressing
Since 1895, ranchers, breeders, stage operators and the U.S. Cavalry have relied on Fiebing quality...
Hoof Heal by Cut-Heal
Hoof Heal 5-1 Hoof Care for Horses, Cattle, Sheep & Goats. Aids in maintaining a healthy frog, s..
Hoof Nippers
Forged from high quality steel with heat treated jaws and handles. Sharp cutting edges are hardened,..
Hoof Oil Brush
Excellent for applying hoof dressings and polishes. 8" wooden handle. 1¾" pure bristles...
Hoof Rasp 14"
Save-Edge platers 14" tanged rasp offer excellent cutting qualities and good wear properties making ..
Hoof Wraps Soaker Boot
Hoof Wraps soakers are made with a thick shell of ballistic nylon and a coated nylon liner. Each Soa..
Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment
Hooflex® Therapeutic Conditioner Ointment is a unique formula that helps maintain the pliability..
Hoofpick With Brush
Plastic handle with stiff plastic bristles and a steel hoof pick. 6¾" overall length. Available in ..
Hypona Hoof Balsam
●All natural ingredients, antiseptic ●Controls moisture in the hoof and keeps hoof walls flexible ●..
Keratex Hoof Products
Frog Disinfectant: Keratex Frog Disinfectant contains tea tree oil, a powerful and specific disinfec..
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Kopper Kare
Kopper Kare IndicationsKopper Kare is indicated for use in the treatment of foot rot on cattle and s..
No Thrush - Dry Formula
Four Oaks Farm Ventures, Inc. First ever dry equine thrush treatment. Natural, fast, easy and clean..
Pine Tar
Horse Health Products Pine Tar.  Phenol-containing pine tar is a natural, anti-microbial, germi..
StayOns Prefilled Poultice Hoof Wraps
Poultice has traditionally been used for abscesses or suspected abscesses. Consider using this ..
Straight Arrow Hoof Maker With Pump
Regular usage of hoof maker will help maintain strong, yet flexible hooves on your horse. It moistur..
Straight Hoof Pick
Plastic coated metal hoof pick Assorted colors ..
Wine Down Hoof Pick
Noble Outfitters™ has put a new twist on the old hoof pick - a corkscrew! This classically sty..