Grooming and Fitting

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Aluminium Show Comb 8.5"
Features a screw and lock nut combination Perfect for use on your cattle with both thick and thin..
Ezall Total Body Wash
Bathe your horses, cattle, dogs, cats, sheep, pigs, llamas, goats and other animals naturally and qu..
Starting at $19.99
Fluffer Comb - Plastic
Lightweight, one-piece plastic design is an inexpensive way to get the combs you need for daily care..
Fluffer Comb 9"
Convenient design features a screw and lock nut combination that helps prevent screw from loosening ..
Kirk Stierwalt Instructional DVD's
Kirk Stierwalt is the best name in the cattle fitting industry, he has two DVD's out about his Strat..
Kirk Stierwalt White Chalk
A simple way to mark the high and low points that need clipped, blocked, tipped or backdragged on yo..
Lister Clipper Guard
Designed for a tight fit to keep blades in place and teeth from getting nicked or damaged, this dura..
Massage Brush
The ideal spacing of bristles on this grooming brush makes it perfect for use on cattle with thick c..
Miracle Groom 5-in-1
Miracle Groom® 5-In-1 formula that naturally cleans, conditions, deodorizes, detangles and ..
Oster Blade Lube
Oster Blade Lube is a premium lubricating oil for clippers and blades. Apply 2-4 drops of Blade Lube..
Oster Blade Wash
Easily flushes away hair that accumulates on cutting blades. Removes factory applied preservatives f..
Oster Clipmaster Heavy-Duty Variable Speed Clipper
Professional groomers choose Oster's Clipmaster clippers for fast, easy clipping of horses, cattle a..
Oster Clipper Blades
Oster detachable blades available in 9 sizes. ..
Starting at $39.99
Oster Clipper Combs
6 sizes to choose from..
Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Clippers
Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Clippers. A heavy duty professional corded animal clipper. Everything from..
Oster Juice Lithium + Ion Cordless Clipper
The Oster® JUICE™ clipper with Lithium+Ion battery technology runs at over 4200 SPM. The L..
Oster Kool Lube
Coolant, Lubricant & Cleaner.  One of the best products available to quickly cool clipper b..
Oster Shearmaster Heavy-Duty Shearing
The Single Speed Shearing Machine with 3" Head.  For the demands of fitting and trimming large ..
Oster Showmaster Heavy Duty Shearing
The variable-speed shearing machine – great for show fitting and trimming horses, cattle, shee..
Plastic Curry Comb
Designed to help remove mud, sweat and loose hair, the plastic curry comb is a very inexpensive and ..
Round Curry Comb
Reversible circular pattern, spring steel with a plastic handle. 8½" overall length with a 4"..
Self Cleaning Slicker Brush
Great for fitting cattle flanks, legs and tail heads, this 4" wide brush reaches deep to separate an..
Shedding Comb
Great for pulling dead hair follicles from the undercoat for a smooth overall coat, this comb featur..
Show Comb Set - Plastic
This three-piece set includes one each of our handy Exhibitor's Essentials Combs, show, fluffer and ..
Stierwalt Grooming Care
Stierwalt ProGloss Finishing Spray: This multipurpose finishing spray features lightweight replenish..
Starting at $7.99
Stierwalt Pro Foam Grooming Mouse
A must-have for training hair, clipping and show day prep, this mousse is a great addition to your s..
Stierwalt ProCharge Reconditioning Liquid
This conditioning formula provides essential nutrition to replenish, nourish and restore the natural..
Starting at $13.95
Stierwalt ProEnhancer
With adhesives alone, gaps and holes may remain in the leg hair that prevent a balanced appearance. ..
Stierwalt ProPolish
Adds shine to hair while repelling dust and dirt and protecting follicles from the harsh environment..
Starting at $16.95
Stierwalt ProRemovers
A. Stierwalt ProRefit Spray: This adhesive remover effectively removes all show day adhesives and to..
Starting at $11.99