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For more information on Golf Course Products or Professional Turfcare Products please contact Kevin Bloski or Lach Reeve for all your Pro Turf needs:

Foliar and Liquid

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Let our "experienced" Proturf Staff help you out with your fertility program


 Code Company Product Formula Size Rate LABEL SDS
32197 Grigg Brothers Sili-Kal B 8-0-4 9.45L 90ml LABEL  SDS
32181 Grigg Brothers A-O-K 24% 1-0-24 9.45L 30-90ml LABEL  SDS
32193 Grigg Brothers Nutra Green 5-10-5 9.45L 120-180ml LABEL  SDS
32187 Grigg Brothers Gary' Green 18-3-4 9.45L 120-180ml LABEL  SDS
32198 Grigg Brothers Suprema 12-0-12 9.45L 120-180ml LABEL  SDS
32194 Grigg Brothers P.K. Plus 3-7-18 9.45L 20-120 ml LABEL  SDS
32199 Grigg Brothers Tuff Turf 1-0-14 9.45L 90ml LABEL  SDS
32189 Grigg Brothers Gary's Green Ultra 13-2-3 9.45L 170-256ml LABEL  SDS
32180 Grigg Brothers Iron Combo  12-0-0 9.45L 45-90ml LABEL  SDS
32201 Grigg Brothers Micro Burst 5-0-0 9.45L 60-180ml LABEL  SDS
32200 Grigg Brothers UltraPlex 4-0-3 9.45L 45-90Ml LABEL  SDS
5240000 Grigg Brothers Carboplex 6-4-4 9.45L 450ml Spec Sheet  SDS
32182 Grigg Brothers Bi Blend & Ca Soil Fert 10-0-0 9.45L 90-180ml LABEL  SDS
360 Grigg Brothers Low n Plus 1-6-12 9.45L 120-180ml Spec Sheet  SDS
45035 Grigg Brothers Turftopia 5-0-5 9.45L 90-180ml  LABEL  SDS
32196 Grigg Brothers Rhizonify 6-4-4 9.45L 340 ml LABEL SDS
32185 Grigg Brothers Displace 12% Ca 9.45L 180-270ml LABEL SDS
32192 Grigg Brothers Kelplex 1-2-2 9.45L 30-60 ml LABEL  SDS
25028 Grigg Brothers Manganese Combo Mn 5% 9.45L 30-60 ml LABEL  SDS
25027 Grigg Brothers Magnesium Complex Mg 5% 9.45L 30-60 ml LABEL  SDS
32057BRN Brandt Converge 18-3-6 9.45L 130-190ml LABEL  
32056BRN Brandt Converge 30-0-0 9.45L LABEL  
5931390 Agrium AT Six Iron 15-0-0 10L 90ml Spec Sheet MSDS
5140060 Emerald Isle   True Foliar Mg\Mn 6-0-0  9.45 L 88-119 ml   Spec Sheet  MSDS
 1000635597  Early Bird    3-0-1  9.45 L    Label  
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