Ear Tags

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Allflex CCIA Tags
Allflex pioneered electronic livestock identification with the introduction of the first EID product..
Starting at $89.95
Allflex Tags
The world's #1 livestock identification system. 25 tags & 25 buttons per package. Choose co..
Starting at $27.50
Allflex Tags - Buttons
Buttons - Male buttons. 25 per package. Black..
Allflex Tags - Marking Pen
Allflex 2-in-1 Marking Pen - One pen with two marking tips (fine and broad). Easy to hold...
Allflex Tags - Replacement Pin
Universal Total Tagger Replacement Pin (Red Blunt)For use in the Universal Total Tagger (Red). Use t..
Allflex Tags - Total Tagger
A majority of livestock tagging needs can be handled with the Allflex Universal Total Tagger. A must..
Allflex Tags - Total Tagger Plus
Allflex Total Tagger + with Flip-Pin feature designed to minimize injury to animal's ear. • Pi..
Engravable Ear Tags & Tools - Dremel Tool
Dremel Multipro 275-02: High Speed Rotary Tool. 35'000 RPM, Quick-change collet, Ball bearing univer..
Starting at $89.99