Dog Kennels

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Petmate's Navigatorâ„¢ Kennels
Petmate's Navigator™ is the first quick-assemble, fully ventilated line of plastic kennel..
Starting at $79.99
Road Runnder Pet Carries<8kg
Roadrunner Plastic Carrier for cats and small dogs. Made from a tough plastic with wire door and ca..
Vari Kennel Original
Petmate’s original Vari Kennel® offers you a simple and basic way to train your pet and ke..
Vari Kennel Ultra - Large Dogs
Petmate’s Vari Kennel® Ultra provides your pet with a safe travel and training kennel. The..
Starting at $89.99
Wire Crate Kennels
Double Doors Add Flexibility at Home and in the Car(Top Door on Sizes 1000 and 2000; Side D..
Starting at $59.99