Dog Apparel

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Canine RC Lifejackets
Even the best canine swimmers need a little help in cold or rough water. Our Canine Lifejacket is ma..
Starting at $39.95
CE Reflective Bear Bell
Be heard while out on a hike Steady movement causes a steady ringing to warn wildlife of your pre..
Fleece Dog Boots
100% Polyester fleece. Velcro strap for adjustable sizing.  Made by Black Turtle Stitchworks i..
Pawks Anti-Slip Socks
PAWksTM socks for your dog! Improve traction on slippery surfaces,paw protection for dogs with foot ..
Pawz Boots
Pawz is the world's only disposable and reusable, waterproof dog boot. Made of natural rubber, they ..
Starting at $17.99
RC Canine Skyline  Puffy Vest
Puffy vests; they’re hip and they’re happening! Bundle your dog up in style and warmth w..
Starting at $39.99
RC Canine West Coast Wear Jackets
In British Columbia, we know rain and we know how to keep pets warm and dry. This lightweight coat h..
Starting at $37.99
RC Dog Coats - Whistler Zip Line
The Whistler Zip Line vs. 2.0 offers generous haunch coverage as well as easy harness access. Design..
Starting at $39.99
RC Dog Trail Boots
These high-traction, ergonomically-molded all-terrain boots are designed to keep your dog's feet saf..
Starting at $54.99
Thundershirt for Dog Anxiety
Thundershirt: Best Solution For Your Dog’s Anxiety Uses gentle, constant pressure to calm you..
Starting at $44.99