Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

**Delphinium - 2016 Perennial Flower of the Year!**

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Height 150 cm.(5’) Raspberry rose and pink /dark bee. Pkt (≈50 seeds)..
Black Knight
Height 150 cm(5’) Deep violet blue spikes of blooms. Pkt (≈50 seeds)..
Magic Fountains Mixed
Height 75-90 cm.(30-36") Dwarf. Wind tolerant. Pkt (≈ 30 seeds)..
Pacific Giant (Heirloom Variety)
Height 120 cm.(4’) A blend of plain and bi-colored flowers including dark violet, blue, rose s..