Cucumbers - Pickling Varieties

PLEASE NOTE: Some seeds are treated with a Fungicide.
This is to enhance germination and help defend against diseases.
For more information on treated and non-treated seeds please contact our
Seed Department at 1-800-667-1159.

Early's Farm and Garden Centre carries a large variety of Heirloom Seeds. These seeds were developed prior to 1962 and are individually identified with the following title; (Heirloom Variety)

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Bush Pickles * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 40 seeds) Replaces Patio Pickles. Our best for containers or small gardens. Medium gre..
Calypso Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 60 seeds) 25g (≈ 900 seeds) Excellent pickling variety. White spined, dark green..
Starting at $1.99
Cool Breeze Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) Here's an early variety that is ideal for multiple climates. Plants produce d..
Corentine Hybrid
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds)100 seeds250 seeds A burpless and seedless fruit with smooth medium green ski..
Starting at $2.99
Eureka Hybrid
57 day Cucumber. Very dark green, firm fruit with small seed cavity. Good disease resistance.  ..
Fancipak Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 30 seeds) Outstanding uniform, medium, dark green blocky fruit. Disease tolerant. Pick..
Jackson Classic Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 50 seeds) Small 20" vine with blocky dark green fruit. Can produce two fruit at each n..
Lemon (Heirloom Variety)
Pkt (≈ 35 seeds) This variety produces fruits the size and color of lemons. Non-bitter skin w..
Pkt (≈ 20 seeds) Early maturing pickling type.  No bitterness.  Self-pollinating. P..
National Pickling
Pkt (≈ 100 seeds) 25g (≈ 1000 seeds) Here's a dual-purpose cucumber. Ideal for pickling..
Starting at $1.99
Pioneer Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 70 seeds) 25g (≈ 900 seeds) Bears heavy yields of fruit on medium sized vines. H..
Starting at $1.99
Puccini Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 15 seeds) High yielding self-pollinating cucumber with excellent fruit quality. Unifor..
Sassy Hybrid * Treated Seed
Pkt (≈ 35 seeds) Fruits are slightly tapered and have excellent interiors. High yielding. Dis..
Treasure Hybrid
45 day Cucumber. One of the earliest pickling cucumbers. Dark green fruit with resistance to powdery..