Cat Grooming

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Bio Groom Waterless Bath No Rinse Shampoo
This easy to use shampoo requires NO wetting or rinsing. It is enhanced with optical brighteners, an..
Catit Self Groomer
The Catit Self Groomer provides easy-access rubbing pleasure for cats, while the durable plastic bri..
Conair Pro Cat Nail Clipper
The ConairPRO Cat Nail Clippers allow you to trim you pet's nails with comfort and confidence. Ergon..
Conair Pro Round-Tip Shear
EverGuard-coated blades create a nonstick, smooth surface. Superior quality shears are made of Japan..
Starting at $15.95
Conair Pro Safety-Tip Shears
EverGuard coated blades create a non-stick, smooth surface.  Lightweight and comfortable.  Blunt tip..
Conair Pro Soft Slick Brush
The Conair Soft Slicker Brush safely and effectively penetrates your pet's coat, creating smooth, ta..
   Modelled after a traditional shedding stone and originally designed for horses, the Equ..
Starting at $29.95
Furminator Deshedding Tools for Cats
Reduce shedding. Prevent hairballs. Recommended by veterinarians. Reduces shedding up to 90%. Stain..
Starting at $49.99
Gel Scrubber
Soft flexible rubber nubs on the one side to massage while removing mud, dirt and loose hair. The ot..
Hands On Grooming Gloves
The scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms provide a deep thorough clean and are the best de-she..
Le Salon Essentials Bristle Brush
Le Salon Essentials Cat Bristle Brush, Small. Gray nylon bristles, gray pad, charcoal handle. Nylon ..
Le Salon Essentials Cat De-Shedder
Use the Le Salon Essentials Cat Deshedder during shedding season. Sometime brushing and combing may..
Le Salon Essentials Claw Scissors
Le Salon Essentials Cat Claw Scissors, Small, charcoal handle. Recommended for use on kittens and sm..
Oster Juice Lithium + Ion Cordless Clipper
The Oster® JUICE™ clipper with Lithium+Ion battery technology runs at over 4200 SPM. The L..
Pet Nail File
The original pet nail file. Curved to fit pet's nails. Made of the finest quality steel, chisel cut,..
Plastic Curry Comb Junior
A plastic curry designed to fit a smaller hand. Approximately 4½" x 2½". Available in Blue, Green, ..
Rubber Curry Comb
Moulded rubber hand strap, sharp teeth. Gives deep massage. Available in Small (3" x 4¾") &a..
Starting at $3.99
Rubber Grooming Mitt
Nubs gently massage while washing. Fits either right or left hand...
Shedding Blade
A fine toothed 16½" x 11/8" spring steel blade that removes old matted hair. The colored, rib..
The Groomer's Stone
If you love your horse, cat or dog and love the earth you will love Groomer's Stone. Groomer's Stone..
Tropiclean Oxy Medicated Rinse
Oxy-Med is an ultra soothing medicated rinse formulated to stop itching, control flaking and reduce ..
Tropiclean Puppy Shampoo
Hypoallergenic TROPICLEAN GENTLE COCONUT PET SHAMPOO Made for puppies, kittens, and pets with sens..
Tropiclean Shampoos & Conditioners
Tropiclean natural pet grooming shampoos leave your pet’s coat soft, shiny and naturally clean..
Starting at $13.99
Waterless Cat Bath
Vet's + Best no-rinse foam for cats over 12 weeks old. This soothing mix of Aloe Vera, Neem Oil and ..
Zoom Groom Brush
The Cat ZoomGroom massages and grooms at the same time.  The soft, rubber fingers are a magnet ..